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Group Class Descriptions

These classes and workshops are offered at various times and Locations, depending on schedule availability and demand.  

Somatic Pathways Yoga

Regular Weekly Classes
Sera offers beginners and advanced practitioners alike a chance to cultivate more awareness around sensation, breath and one's inner landscape in this dynamic yet grounded practice.
Basic Flow
This class sets a strong foundation in breathing and alignment, in a simple flow between poses. Easily modified for beginner or expanded for an experienced practitioner, this class offers something for all levels.
Gentle Flow for Beginners & Beyond

A similar flow to the basic yoga class, but with less focus on alignment and more on overall easeful movement and breathing freely.  This practice can offer a solid foundation for beginners, or just a way to get grounded and relieve tension for any level practitioner.

Active Flow

This class adds to the basic flow with more transitions, and a greater emphasis on coordinating breath with movement.  Good for those with some experience.

All Levels Yoga

This class offers something for everyone!


Yoga Workshops (offered periodically)
Nourish Your Inner Goddess: A Mini-Retreat for Women
Combining the benefits of flow yoga, restorative poses, guided meditation and self-expression, a community of women come together for an extended practice. Through the sharing of our yoga practice, along with our passion, beliefs, and concerns in the world, we are supported in reawakening our sense of connection to our inner divinity, to one another, and to the greater web of life.   Related to Meditation Secrets for Women Workshops.  No Experience Necessary! All Levels Welcome!
Restorative Yoga Workshop

This yoga practice is all about relaxing and letting go.  Surrounded by bolsters and blankets, rest in a cocoon of support in mostly reclined poses that allow the time for gentle opening and greater ease to flow.  Appropriate for all levels.

Absolute Beginner and Foundations of Yoga Workshops

In these workshops, basic yoga philosophy and practices are explained in greater detail than can be offered in a regular class setting, in a small group where your personal needs can be addressed.  A wonderful way to begin practice or deepen your knowledge of yoga!

Appropriate for all levels, especially beginners.


Meditation Classes & Workshops

Guided Meditation Classes

Usually offered as a series, these classes are for those who enjoy having someone else guide them through a meditation, rather than sitting in silence. Good for all levels of experience, the group often comes together at the end for discussion time and the option of sharing of their personal experiences.  

Examples include: Meditations for Stress-Relief,  Meditation Made Easy

Yoga & Meditation Specialty Class

In traditional yoga, the physical practice is simply a way to prepare your body and mind for meditation.  In these special classes, we offer our yoga practice with a meditative purpose or a specific intention, and follow it with a guided meditation practice.

Example: Gentle Yoga & Meditation in Remembrance of 9/11

Meditation Secrets for Women Workshops

Based on the books and life work of my personal meditation teachers Camille Maurine and Dr. Lorin Roche, this workshop brings meditation alive! 

For women searching for an engaging practice that is well-grounded and relevant for their busy modern lives.

For more info on this, please see Camille's website 

Yoga & Pilates Workshops

Yoga For A Healthy Back

This workshop, based on yoga and Pilates, teaches fundamentals of alignment in poses and movements geared to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the core and back.

Often offered as a series of classes, to build upon the poses from one class to the next.

Somatic Yoga and Pilates Workshop

Learn Pilates mat exercises along with basic yoga postures from the Somatic Pathways perspective, in this 2-hour specialized workshop.  Good for those with some experience in yoga and/or Pilates who are looking to broaden their practical knowledge and see how these practices overlap.

Pilates Equipment

This class accommodates up to 4 practitioners utilizing the equipment developed by Joseph Pilates for core strengthening and better posture.

(For the time being, Sera only offers equipment sessions by appointment.)

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