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Private Services

These practices outline what I offer to my clients in private sessions.

Small group classes are also available. 

To connect about setting up an appointment, use the Request a Session form.


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Somatic Pathways Yoga

Enjoy the support of a guided, personalized physical practice for greater overall well-being.  Sera offers a gentle touch to incorporate energetic healing and a deeper sense of presence to your practice.  Hands-on assists offer more physical alignment in poses, and/or the deepening of stretches, if desired. 


Depending on the intention, this could be a more active practice or more meditative.  Options to individualize this practice beyond the physical include aspects of somatic work, such as instinctive meditation, sensing energy and dialoguing around inner experiences.

Integrative Somatic Energy & Bodywork

A gentle, supportive touch using techniques from Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Reiki and intuitive energy work, this practice allows the client to surrender the physical to connect more deeply on the mental and emotional levels.  And in the process, natural healing can take place which can support health on all levels, including the physical.

This session may include somatic therapy dialoguing, talking through the sensations and inner associations brought up in the session.

Somatic Experiencing Session

Comfortably seated on chairs or on yoga bolsters, we cultivate inner awareness around sensory experience, emotions and thoughts.  Working with difficult thoughts and emotions requires a strong commitment to nonjudgemental discernment, compassion and self-acceptance.  Sera offers a safe healing space for this inner wisdom to emerge naturally.  This practice is often coupled with gentle yoga, bodywork or meditation practices.

Somatic Experiencing(TM) is a practice developed by Dr. Peter Levine, to support trauma resolution work.  It can be used as a compliment for those working with a counselor, or is simply a wonderful way to relive stress and connect to our deeper wisdom. For more info, see the Somatic Experiencing website.


Embodied Meditation & Mindfulness

Through this somatic form of meditation and mindfulness, we sense the resources that are available to us to meet any challenge in life, instead of attempting to disconnect from thoughts and emotions in the name of some ideal of "peace".  By connecting to the thoughts, sensations and inner associations brought up from your experiences in life, you develop a deeper self-awareness and easeful embodiment, to support health and relieve your daily stress. Working together in conversation, we co-create a personalized practice for you to do at home or possibly take with you to do anywhere.


This practice can be combined with Somatic Experiencing for trauma resolution or an Integrative Somatic Energywork session.  


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