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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy connects body to mind, mind to body.  

In a somatic therapy session, we develop the awareness of what is going on in the body, as we think, move, work with emotions, or just breathe.  The body has a healing wisdom that we can support and enhance, if we listen deeply, stay present, and pay attention.

If a recurring thought or belief structure leaves us feeling stuck, somatic awareness allows us to find a pathway through it, to heal negativity, old feelings of fear or trauma, self-destructive patterns or addictions.

Somatic therapy helps us develop an awareness of the whole pattern that arises, not just how we cognitively perceive and understand it.  We can begin to see how old patterns formulate and move us internally to act or stay within a certain framework of beliefs, keeping us in boxed in to a small sense of ourselves.

By cultivating somatic nonjudgemental awareness, discernment and appreciation for our own inner wisdom, we cultivate fertile ground for shifting out of habitual behavior and into new pathways for action and self-care.

Somatic therapy can be done in combination with other mind-body techniques that Sera offers, such as yoga, meditation, or energy work.  It can also be done as a separate session, similar to talk therapy. 

It is not psychotherapy; however, it is a great compliment psychotherapy work, which would be done outside of sessions with Sera, with a social worker or psychotherapist. Sera has worked successfully with therapists who refer their clients to her, as somatic therapy helps to unravel experiences locked in the body that reflect thought patterns in the mind that may come up in traditional therapy.

For more info on Sera's services, please visit her Services info page here.

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