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Somatic Pathways Philosophy


The philosophy behind any Somatic Pathways session is that we are always connected to our inner wisdom, no matter how distraught or distracted we may consciously be.  The wisdom of the body - our Soma - is always connected to the truth inside us.   Our bodies express somatic patterns and hold wounds which we may no longer consciously even remember.  Yet they are still there and may come out through our nervous systems in a variety of disconcerting ways.


At the same time, there is also wholeness on every layer of our being; the implications of this are that we always have access to pathways of healing no matter how wounded we may feel. Our bodies constantly work to integrate healing into our system, through various somatic pathways on the physical and energetic levels.  Our approach then is to notice this as it is happening, and allow our heart-centered, nonjudgemental awareness to open and support the process.


To this end, we consciously set our intention to connect more deeply to that Source  of inner Wisdom, and create our Soulful Purpose for our practice.  Our Soulful Purpose arises intuitively and organically as we pay attention and care for our internal world.  Honing our skills to connect with our Soulful Purpose is part of the process, and can change over time.

Here are some examples of the Soulful Purpose we can take into our practice:

Deepen Our Embodiment of Life through connection to our energetic core and inner sense of Truth, also known as Authenticity.

Enhance Awareness without Judgement, settling our nervous system which allows us to notice things that may have previously gone unnoticed or unacknowledged.

Strengthen our Capacity for Intimacy. To engage with ourselves, others and life in a meaningful way while maintaining our inner connection.

Embrace our True Heart's Desires by focusing on the gems uncovered in our practice, rather than the difficulties or challenges we often face.

Broaden our Self-Concept and expand our relationship to life and the world, healing old wounds of fear, trauma and shame, opening up new pathways for self-expression and integration.

Integrate a Sense of Wholeness and Flow to bring about more ease and well-being in every aspect of our lives.

~The first step on the path is to set your intention, one that resonates deeply for you.  

All Somatic Pathways sessions will begin with this first step.~

Somatic Pathways Practices

The practice we choose will depend upon our specific intention.  Sera offers instruction, guidance and support in the practices of yoga, meditation, Pilates and energy work.


These practices all involve cultivating conscious awareness of our internal state, with more or less movement and alignment on the physical level, depending on which intentions or aspects of your being you would like to serve, and what you set as your Soulful Purpose. 

For more info on these practices in private sessions, please see  Private Services.

For more info on group classes, please see  Class Descriptions or Current Schedule.

    The term "Source" is used to describe that which is the basis for our existence, and the existence of all things.  Some may call it God, or Yahweh, or Great Spirit, or Buddha Nature, or Satchitananda, yet it is all One, and essentially unknowable and unnameable by its very nature.   We can work with any of these terms.  "Source" is simply the term I used here.

Source Description
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